Submission Guidelines

7th International Congress of Economics and Business

All abstracts and full paper submissions should ONLY be send usin Open Conf System.

The paper must be written in Times New Roman font by using Microsoft Word. The followings must be considered before submission of the Paper.

The ORCID numbers of the authors should be included in the articles.


1. Title page
The title page should include the title, the name, institutional affiliation(s), full postal address, telephone/fax number and E-mail of each author as well as JEL classification and key words of the paper. If there is more than one author, indication should be made as to which author is responsible for correspondence.


2. The Title of the Paper
The title should be bold, first letters of the words capitalized, centered, and have a Times New Roman font of 12. One space should appear before and after a title


3. Author/Authors
The name of the author/authors should be after the title of the page font of 10 and the affiliations should be written as a dip note. Each of the author names should appear on a single line


4. Abstract
Must not be more than 200 words and should be written in Times New Roman font of 10.


5. JEL Code
Please provide the appropriate Journal of Economic Literature Classification System code(s) under the abstract. JEL codes are available at


6. Text
All papers should be on A4-size paper and written in MS Word. The papers should not exceed 10 pages, be 1 -spaced and written in Times New Roman with a font size of 11.


7. Tables/Figures
Tables should be included in the document. Tables should be numbered consecutively as Table 1 and so on. Tables must be editable and fit within the margins The font of data in the table should be set to Times New Roman ten. Figures should be included in the document and must be editable. Figures should be numbered consecutively like Figure 1: and so on


8. References
References must be consistent with Harvard Style. The references in the text must be given as author-date style.