7th International Congress of Economics and Business

The Impacts of Economic Change on Turkish Economy
The Impact of Arab Spring on Turkish Economy and Regional Opportunities
Regional Marketing
Regional Tourism
Capital Markets and Foreign Direct Investments
Mergers and Acquisitions
Energy Policies in terms of Economic and Political Context
Regional Cooperation in International Trade
Refugees and Migration
Adaptation Capability of Economic Sectors in the Change Process
Human Capital
Economic Growth and Development
Knowledge Economy and Information Technology
Technological Development and Investments
International Capital Flows, Investment and Borrowing
International Financial Institutions
Capital Accumulation and Banking System
Economic Integrations
Renewable Energy Resources Investment and Regional Impacts
Financial Economics
Financial Markets and Institutions
International Finance
International Economy
Labor Economics
Capital Markets
Venture Capital
Accounting and Auditing
The Public Economy
Labor Economics
Social Policy
Psychology of Working-Employment
Sociology of Work
Social Exclusion
Labour Relations
Human Resouces and Discrimination
Market Freedom and Global Crises
Fiscal Policies for Crises
Monetary and Fiscal Policy Harmonization in Crisis Environment
Incentive Policies in Crisis Periods
The Changing Role of Government and The Transformation of Fiscal Policy
Fiscal Discipline and Budgetary Policies